Lobelia purpurascens (LOBELIACEAE) White Root

Plants to Plant

A perennial ground-covering herb widespread in open eucalypt forest, and moist shady areas. It is also a weed of lawns, footpaths and cultivation. Thin, hairless stems are often purplish in colour, and mostly prostrate. Plants form white, fleshy runners underground (rhizomes). Leaves are elongated or narrowly oval (elliptic) in shape with a pointed tip (6-30 4-14 mm in size). The undersides are usually purplish in colour. Leaf margins are slightly serrated, and leaves are alternately arranged on the stem. The flowers are mostly white, flushed with lavender or pink. Flowering occurs from spring through to autumn. Fruit are spherical or egg-shaped (ovoid) and fleshy.

Photo: Robert Whyte