Background and Context

SOWN has commenced the preparation of an Enoggera Catchment Plan in 2020. The plan will be a policy and action plan to guide the activities of SOWN over the next 10 years.
The SOWN Management Committee will guide and make decisions about the preparation of the plan.

In the current context of Covid19 restrictions, we need to maximise opportunities for input by SOWN group leaders, active members and key partners and stakeholders by using the SOWN website and social media applications.

Objectives of the Plan

Based on the objectives of the association in the SOWN constitution, the following draft objectives have been developed for the plan:

  • To rehabilitate and maintain the environmental health of Enoggera Catchment waterways;
  • To rehabilitate and maintain linked bushland areas along waterways;
  • To protect and improve biodiversity in the catchment;
  • To respond to the impacts of climate change;
  • To encourage community participation, awareness and education in SOWN activities;
  • To identify policies and priority actions for SOWN.

Time Horizon and Area Covered

The plan will have a 10 year time horizon and include a 5 year action plan that can be reviewed annually.

The geographic area covered by the plan will be the whole of the Enoggera catchment area. The attached map shows the Enoggera catchment in the context of the Brisbane City area.

This includes the National Park upstream of the Enoggera Reservoir and the tidal reaches of the creek downstream of Bancroft Park weir..

Enoggera Catchment in Brisbane City context

Program and Activities
It is intended to complete the Enoggera Catchment plan by the end of 2020. The proposed program and activities will be influenced by what is possible the Covid 19 restrictions.

March – July
• Information and data collection
• Preparation of maps
• Consultation with SOWN groups, members, partners and stakeholders

• Online planning and consultation workshop (half day – maybe two)

August – October
• Preparation of draft plan document

• Online consultation on draft plan

• Finalise and approve SOWN Enoggera Catchment Plan