A brief plea for steel, pics, dirty pots and seed


First, we very sorry for the cloudburst of emails lately, it’s just that so much great stuff is happening. We’ll keep this one short, promise.

First, if anyone knows where we can source free or cheap galvanised steel mesh, angle-iron and square section, we need heaps for Arthur Gorrie guys to build their nursery extension so they can grow thousands more plants for us.

Also we are in need of your dirty tubes and empty trays, especially wire trays. If you have any please return them to the nursery Saturday or Wednesday morning.

Web updates to profiles of all groups are happening now. Don’t miss out. We need your pictures of your sites, features, wildlife, or activities.

We are keen from ripe fruit and seed from your sites, they are ready to pick when falling off. It will be a big year of propagation in our expanded nursery area with its new slab. Come visit! Plenty of plants for you.

Finally, this is a broadcast email to check emails are up to date, so you will get it even if you have ‘enews’ switched off in your profile. We do this every year or so to check our database.

That’s it for now, thanks!

or phone 0409 055 325 if you can help or know someone who can