1. Spare computer anyone? 2. Weed while you walk!


This is 1. a quick note to ask around if anyone has an old Windows PC gathering dust – it needs to have Windows XP installed. We will put it to good use as the Vera and Fred Moffatt Library catalogue.

And 2. to announce a great opportunity for beginners: Kerry Walker’s Walking and Weeding Workshops.

Local environmentalist and long-time creek regenerator Kerry Walker is offering free workshops for beginners, where you learn about creek care while walking – enjoying our wonderful waterways. All you need to do is book a walk with Kerry on 32899206 and she’ll come to you. You’ll learn at a gentle pace, and you can book as many walks as you like. Kerry is passionate about saving the creek and keen to help you learn what’s good, what’s bad and how you can help.

As part of the free workshops you’ll get a neat little kit with a weeding knife, pull saw, secateurs and a squirt bottle of herbicide. Basic Walking and Weeding is very simple – it will only take one or two ‘walks’ to master it. You can then ‘walk and weed’ on your own or join Kerry or others on walks. Call 32899206 to speak to Kerry or leave a message.

Ithaca Intact
The Walking and Weeding workshops are an initiative of Ithaca Intact in partnership with Men of the Trees