Crambid Moths (CRAMBIDAE)

Butterflies & Moths (Lepidoptera)

Crambid Moths Crambidae are a subfamily of the Pyralidae, a mega-diverse family of moths. Crambid Moth Agrioglypta excelsalis is white with a striking brown pattern, wingspan of about 20 mm. It is found all over tropical South-East Asia and the South Pacific as well as Queensland and northern New South Wales. The capfrerpillars feed on the leaves of native figs including Sandpaper Fig Ficus coronata and F. fraseri, Moreton Bay Fig F. macrophylla and Rough-leaved Fig F. opposita. They live in a shelter of leaves joined together by silk.
Photo: Robert Whyte

Tree Lucerne Moth Caterpillar

This Tree Lucerne Moth Uresiphita ornithopteralis caterpillar was photographed on Hovea paniculata on the Quail Trail at Mount Coot-tha Forest Park.
Photo: Carolyn Mason

Another Tree Lucerne Moth caterpillar

This Uresiphita ornithopteralis caterpillar also on Hovea paniculata was photographed on the Araucaria Trail at Brisbane Forest Park.
Photo: Robert Whyte