Yoorala Street West

Group convenors: Renee Hovey and Ed Bennett

With the retirement of long-time group leader Athol Brown, new convenors Renee Hovey and Ed Bennett have taken over this group in 2020. the group meets every second Friday morning.

For more information please contact Renee & Ed at yooralastreetwest.bushcare@gmail.com.

Enoggera Creek flows from the Enoggera Reservoir which was built in the 1860s and increased in height after the 1974 floods. The first (uppermost) SOWN site on the creek is Yoorala Street West.

In early 2016, SOWN began working with SEQ Water and Brisbane City Council to restore a large area north west of the original Yoorala Street West plantings and towards the Enoggera Dam.

The photo shows volunteers planting around 500 native trees and shrubs at the first SOWN community planting on 9 April 2016.

Athol and volunteers at community planting April 2016

The Yoorala St West Group has been operating since 1996. The section is approximately one kilometre in length. Since 1996 hundreds of tonnes of hard rubbish and weeds have been removed. As at the end of June 2004 53,592 trees and grasses have been planted most of these now at a very advanced stage and height.

This section is has been regenerated mostly by the Group Leader (Athol Brown) and Community Service Offenders.

Athol has achieved great things along Yoorala Street West transforming what was a weed infested dump to a picturesque and healthy habitat. His site is upstream from Yooralla Street East.

If you walk along the creek at Yoorala Street West you will experience many quiet glades with natural ponds. SOWN planting, weeding and rubbish removal creates the habitat which promotes natural revegetation.

Athol with revegetation area.

When Athol started on his site it was a mess of car bodies, construction materials, weeds and other rubbish. Now, the natural vegetation extends out from the water’s edge for a distance of 30 metres, sometimes more. This protects the health of the creek.

The creek was heavily degraded with huge environmental weeds namely camphor laurel, chinese elm, broad leafed pepper trees to name just a few. With these also were every variety of small weeds such as lantana, ochna and madeira vine. All of the camphor laurels (and there were hundreds of them) in this section have now either been removed or are dead). A rich variety of natives now grace the area.

Complementing the restoration recently has been a new park area provided by an estate development. And SEQ Water land hopefully will provide a huge restored area right up to Enoggera Dam. This will make a truly great open space and forested complex to add to Brisbane City’s expanding creek restorations.

It is interesting to note Brisbane’s only substantial tract of surviving rainforest in intact/semi-intact state is in the Enoggera Creek catchment upstream of Enoggera reservoir. Athol’s site is an important link to this remnant.

Looking downstream from Fursman Bridge, 2004.

Looking downstream from Fursman Bridge, 2005, 18 months after the picture above.


2006/2007 Community Water Grant

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Feature Tree – This magnificent fig tree was discovered by Athol Brown during his restoration – prior to that it was hidden by a thicket of weeds.