Wild Watch Workshops

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Get Wild!

Come along and learn new skills from recognised experts in the field including Dr Kev Warburton and Adrian Caneris. It is also a great opportunity to network with other community groups and have some fun out in the field as well.

Apart from learning to spot, track and identify wildlife there is another reason why you should get along to the Wild Watch workshops: under the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001, all scientific activities that use animals are required to be approved by a registered Animal Ethics Committee – sounds like a lot of paperwork? It can be! So Council has obtained a ‘blanket’ approval for all the activities that our Catchment and Habitat Brisbane groups participate in, including Fish Snap shots, to make it easier for everyone. It is important however that the methods we put into practise are consistent with the approved methods of best practise. That is what the training days are all about!

Please see the attached invitation and RSVP asap as spaces are limited. The pilot program we ran at the start of the year was a huge success and we hope to make these sessions even better!

Pacific Balck Duck

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