Where are our worst woody weeds?


Dob a weed tree today

There are plenty of weed trees out there but we need your help to find them.

SOWN is bidding for a Brisbane City Council Community Conservation Assistance Grant to remove big weed trees from Enoggera Creek catchment.

This is an opportunity to get rid of big weed trees and clumps of bamboo from BCC land. Whether on or near your site, on a previously-maintained SOWN site or anywhere else along the creek, we want to know.

There are plenty of these nasties out there. They kill native bees you know.

What we need to know:

  • Your name – Example: R Harding
  • Weed tree location – Example: Council Park along Creek Road near Boundary St Bridge, Ashgrove
  • What work is required – Example: Remove 1 Cadaghi about 250mm diameter
  • Disposal of waste – Example: Mulch and leave onsite
  • Any other comments – Example: Seedlings appearing on reveg site downstream

The SOWN committee will collate this information as part of our expression of interest. At this stage we need to get a feel for how many trees might be involved. So don’t spend a lot of time on this – rough “guess-timates” will be fine.

You can nominate as many trees as you like, on your site and elsewhere. Some sites might need major work involving many big trees or a colossal bamboo clump. Other sites might only need a single tree removed.

Please send in your weeds by Sunday 21 July so we can submit SOWN’s Expression of Interest by 1 August.

📧 Please send this information to Dick Harding.

 Chinese Elm
These too.

Huge stands of bamboo are another common sight in Enoggera Creek catchment. They are very difficult to remove armed only with a pull saw.

Camphor Laurel 
And these too for that matter.