What’s fruiting in December?


Strictly speaking, seed collecting is really ‘fruit collecting’. Our plants produce fruits in various forms – pods, capsules, gumnuts and berries, just to name a few. When the fruit is ripe, or just about to fall, the seed becomes viable. That’s when we need you eagle-eyed volunteers to collect it in bags and drop it into the nursery.

Each month we’ll be highlighting about five species (more in Summer!) that we’d like you to look out for. Or go check out your favourite plant of that species to see if it has ripe fruit. If you do find a plant with ripe fruit please collect as much seed as you reasonably can. Put it in a brown paper bag (available at the Nursery, or use one you have at home) together with a branchlet with a few leaves and label it with species name (if you know it), date of collection, locality where seed collected and your name.

Then either drop it off at the Nursery or email info@sown.com.au and someone will collect it from you.

We’ve selected these plants based on information we have collected over many years. However, many plants flower when conditions are favourable and so may not fruit at the same time each year. We will not include species where we have a good supply of viable seed at the Nursery.

  • Araucaria cunninghamia Hoop Pine, ripe cones
  • Grevillea robusta Silky Oak
  • Hibiscus heterophyllus ative Rosella
  • Jacksonia scoparia Dogwood
  • Juncus usitatis Common Rush
  • Notelaea longifolia Native Olive
  • Streblus brunonianus Whalebone tree
  • Corymbia henryi Large-leaved Spotted Gum
  • Corymbia tesselaris Moreton Bay Ash
  • Crinum pedunculatum Brisbane Lily