What a great pizza party!


What a great pizza party!

– Launch of CRACC, our commercial habitat restoration services
– Our part time admin angel
– Corramulling bushcare site rescue
– Sneak peek – new expanded “Creek in our back yard”

Our Annual General Meeting on Saturday 1 December was efficient, entertaining, but best of all brief – and soon the crowd descended on the massive spread of food and drink, devouring delicious wood-fired pizzas.

The pizza-oven was smokin’. Well not literally. Under the expert management and tutelage of Colin Peile the oven was smoke free and superbly conditioned with glowing coals, producing tasty pieces of toasty pizza pies.

At the meeting the Geraldine Knapp delivered an inspirational presidential address and was elected unopposed for another four (well, one actually) years.

All other officers were elected upopposed and Robert Whyte was once again appointed Director, which for SOWN means in charge of on-ground operations. Robert delivered a lively report looking forward to the new year with renewed energy and optimism. Here are some highlights:

Launch of CRACC, our commercial habitat restoration services

CRACC is a spin off commercial business working in partnership with SOWN. CRACC creates revenue for SOWN in exchange for plants and equipment.

CRACC works for private landholders as well as with government on public land. CRACC is led by Robert Whyte, Dick Harding, Adam Richardt, Sarah-Jane Abbott and John Marnane and others. Talk to Rob if you want to get on board either as a volunteer, a subcontractor, or a paid CRACC worker.

Our part time admin angel

We are so lucky to have foiund Sarah-Jane, our new part time admin person, paid for by pooling all our grants and stealing a little bit from each. It’s really hard to get money for running things, but it’s vital. Sarah-Jane has been wonderful and we look forward to great things in years to come.

Corramulling bushcare site rescue

A project Sarah-Jane is working on is Corramulling Park, a bushcare site rescue funded by NRMA insurance. Corramulling Park is on Enoggera Creek, corner of Payne Road and School Road. We distributed a flier in the area and you may have seen the story in the latest Western Echo. The CRACC team is prepping the site as we speak.

Sneak peek – new expanded “Creek in our back yard”

Robert Whyte has almost completed the writing and choice of photographs for a brand new edition of “The creek in our back yard”, expanded for the whole of South East Queensland, with an extra 20 pages and completely revised throughout, funded by the Federal Government’s Caring for Country. Lots more amazing, inspiring photos and practical guidance.

Colin Peile and Robert Whyte cooking pizzas at the 2012 SOWN Christmas Party