Waterhousea floribunda (MYRTACEA) Weeping Lilly Pilly

Plants to Plant

One of this catchment’s iconic species, Waterhousea is a dominant tree along many Enoggera Creek banks. Common names include Waterhousea, Weeping Lilly Pilly, Satin Ash and Large-leaved Water Gum. It is named Waterhousea after Frederick George Waterhouse, a South Australian museum curator. Floribunda means profusely flowering. After flowering it propagates readily along Enoggera Creek. 

Photo: Robert Whyte

Local Importance

It forms a beautiful canopy, produces deep shade and its roots stabilise creek banks. The loss of these trees, especially due to clearing after the 1974 floods has led to the degradation of many sections of Enoggera Creek. It is now known that the clearing was counterproductive and does nothing to help flood mitigation. In fact it causes erosion, which makes things much worse.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Featured Image

This ancient Waterhousea is one of many on Enoggera Creek bank at Walton Bridge Reserve.

Photo: Anne Jones