Update on the Nurseries


A satisfactory resolution for all parties has been achieved as a result of Geraldine Knapps continuous efforts. The Ashgrove Men’s Shed (AMS)will be located in the SOWNY Club at Yoorala Street and SOWN will relinquish the lease to that property. AMS will not be located in the Paten Road Nursery Complex. The activities formerly conducted at the SOWNY Club will transferred to the cottage at Paten Road. Both nurseries will continue their roles at the Paten Road site in a similar fashion to their past activities. Twahamwe Cottage will eventually be included in a new lease to SOWN. Sharing of this facility will be discussed at the next SOWN committee meeting.

The Gap Native Nursery have decided to rename themselves as Paten Park Native Nursery (PPNN) and will be given a licence to operate in most of the area they currently occupy. It will take a number of months until all the legal work and leases are finalised, so I expect the committees of both nurseries will have plenty to do until all of the paper work is completed.

I believe that SOWN and PPNN should achieve an harmonious transition to our new circumstances. So after the recent uncertainty it is full steam ahead for both nurseries.

SOWN will need to remove their property from Yoorala Street and relocate it at Paten Road. A working bee will be held this Sunday, 1 February 2015 commencing at 9:00am on the Yoolara Street site. Anyone with a ute or trailer would be welcome to assist with the ferrying of items from Yoorala Street to Paten Road. The more people we can get to help in this effort the easier it will be for all, there will be some heavy lifting to do.
Thank you for your support over the last couple of months.