Upcoming Corporate Days – Volunteers Needed


Corporate volunteer days at the nursery and on the creek coming up

Throughout April and May, we have an influx of corporate volunteers helping out at the SOWN nursery and on the creek.

These corporate days are historically run by the Enoggera Creek Ranger to assist those working tirelessly to improve our creeks. Creek Ranger Emily is currently out of field action due to a broken leg, and is counting on the help of other Creek Rangers, BCC staff and volunteers to help with the upcoming corporate days.

Please check out the calendar of events to find out what’s on and to see if you can make it along to impart some of your local skills and knowledge to help with the days. The more experienced people there to work with the corporate volunteers, the better the outcomes. Most corporates will never have worked in the environment before and will appreciate the invaluable knowledge of local volunteers to help them along.