Tradescantia fluminensis (COMMILENACEAE) Wandering Dude

Weeds to Whack

Native to South America, Wandering Dude is a plant from the same family as the native Blue Commelina Commelina diffusa, and quite similar to it, except that it has glossy leaves and white flowers, whereas the native Blue Commelina has less glossy, lighter green leaves and blue flowers. This is a trailing herb that becomes a groundcover, quite succulent, weak but fast growing and capable of reproduce vegitatively (rooting from nodes on the stem). It prefers moist shady sites. The stems can trail some distance. Leaves are glossy green, clasped to the stems in sheaths.

Photo: Matt Tomkins

Flowers and Foliage

This plant quite commonly grows among very similar native plants like Aneilema acuminatum Free Wanderer. This specimen was nearby some Aneilema acuminatum at Yoorala Street The Gap.

Photo: Robert Whyte