Toona ciliata (MELIACEAE) Red Cedar

Plants to Plant

Medium to lage deciduous tree to 55 m (though this height now unlikely due to tip moth) in subtropical rainforest and scrubby areas, often bordering rivers and stream banks. A highly-prized cabinet timber rare because of exploitation. During European settlement cedar getters preceded farmer settlers in many districts. The cedar tip moth has rendered this tree unusable for plantation timber. Toona from Toon, the Indian name for the tree; ciliata from the Latin ciliatus, having fine hairs, resembling an eyelash, at the margin of the leaves. The Australian population was formerly treated as distinct species under the name T. australis.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Flowers, Branchlets, Fruit

Clockwise from top left: Flowers and foliage, flowers closeup, fruit, and branchlets showing lenticels (breathing pores).
Photo: Robert Whyte