Thunbergia alata (ACANTHACEAE) Black-eyed Susan

Weeds to Whack

Originally from South Africa, Black-eyed Susan escapes from Queensland and New South Wales gardens. It is a weed in several countries around the world. The name refers to the bright yellow-orange flowers, which have a contrasting black centre. Roots form at the nodes of the stem when they come into contact with the soil, forming new plants. Like Singapore daisy, the material needs be completely removed by hand, bagged, and taken off site.

Photo: Robert Whyte


Herbaceous perennial twiner. Leaves 3-pointed, triangular or shaped like an arrow head to 7 cm long, leaf stalks to 4 cm. Flowers borne singularly on stalks to 6 cm long, orange or yellow, usually with black centre. Fruit a hairy capsule with few small seeds set in the subtropics. Mainly spread by humans through garden escapes or dumping.

Photo: Robert Whyte