Three top tips for plant tubes


Did you know you can return plant trays and tubes back to our SOWN nursery? 

We love our members coming to get plants from our SOWN nursery and love it even more when you return the tubes in trays in a clean and undamaged condition. Here are our three top tips:

  1. Use the ‘magic tap’ trick – to get the plants out of the tube please don’t squeeze the tube. Hold the plants gently and use a tool or stick to tap the top of the tube. This allows the plant and soil to come out in one piece and not damage the tube.
  2. Keep it clean – when you are watering in your plants give the tubes a washdown. A great technique we love is rinsing the tubes in a bucket of water and then reusing the water on your newly planted plants.
  3. If it damaged recycle it – Although we love getting our tubes back to propagate more plants, if the bottom is broken we can’t reuse these.

The dirty and damaged tube on the left needs to be cleaned and recycled. The tube on the right is clean and in good condition to be reused at the SOWN nursery.