Group convenor: Chris Galbraith

The area between Ashgrove and Newmarket, along Ashgrove Avenue, was originally known as the Three Mile Scrub. Remnant areas of this lowland rainforest remain in the Banks Street Reserve and along Enoggera Creek.

The Three Mile Scrub Habitat Group is a group of local residents focusing on bush regeneration principles, encouraging natural regeneration of the bush, with supplementary plantings of local native species as required.

The Three Mile Scrub group was formerly known as the Seils Park group and expanded to include areas along the creek to Quandong Park. Established plantings in Seil’s Park area are now over 10 years old. There are newer plantings in Seils Park, eroded areas along the creek and stabilising banks, and near Quandong Park.

The regeneration area represents two plant communities – gallery rainforest along the riparian strip and southern bank of Enoggera Creek and open forest on the steeper northern bank. The site is disturbed and very dynamic, and the group is working strategically to slowly manage a large area of elephant grass by gradually shading it out with canopy species. A long stem planting technique is being trialled in an area that receives high velocity water flows.

For more information about the group or planting times, please contact:
– Chris Galbraith on 0419 724 574,
– Jim Lewis on 0447 218 894, or
– Peter Browning on 0448 899 478.