Three Mile Scrub – Seils Park

Enoggera Creek

Group convenors: Jim Lewis and Peter Browning

This group of local residents focuses on bush regeneration, with supplementary plantings of local native species as required. The bushcare area covers two plant communities – gallery rainforest along the riparian strip and southern bank of Enoggera Creek and open forest on the steeper northern bank. The group is working to slowly manage a large area of elephant grass by gradually shading it out with canopy species. A long stem planting technique is being trialled in an area of creek bank that receives high-velocity flows.

The group works closely with the adjacent Three Mile Scrub – Quandong Park group.

For more information, phone Jim Lewis on 0447 218 894 or Peter Browning on 0448 899 478.

Bushcare group in Enoggera catchment

Three Mile Scrub Seils Park bushcare group                 PHOTO: Mark Crocker