The plants have arrived! But we are low on trays!

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We ordered the following plants for SOWN members to replant Habitat Brisbane sites and most have arrived. They are healthy, bursting out of their tubes, and need to be planted as their thick foliage makes it hard for the sprinkler system to water them. Come in on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday mornings. If you have any tubes or trays, ESPECIALLY TRAYS, please return them. There are some great species here, get them for your site.

20 Acmena smithii Lilly Pilly
50 Acronychia laevis Glossy Achronychia
50 Alchornea ilicifolia Native Wattle
50 Alectryon tomentosus Hairy Alectryon
20 Alyxia Ruscifolia Chain Fruit
20 Angophora subvelutina Red Apple
50 Aphananthe philippinensis Rough Leaved Elm
20 Arytera foveolata Pitted Coogera
50 Backhousia myrtifolia Grey Myrtle
50 Breynia oblongifolia Breynia
50 Bursaria spinosa Blackthorn
20 Canthium buxifolium Stiff Canthium
50 Cupaniopsis parvifolia Smal-leaved Tuckeroo
50 Cyclophyllum longipetalum Coast Canthium
50 Denhamia celastroides Denhamia
20 Diospyros australis Black Plum
20 Diospyros fasciculosa Grey ebony
20 Diospyros geminata Queensland Ebony
50 Drypetes deplanchei Yellow tulip
20 Elaeocarpus obovatus Hard Quandong
20 Elattostachys xylocarpa White Tamarind
20 Euroschinus falcata Ribbonwood
50 Ficus fraseri Creek Sandpaper Fig
20 Flindersia Australis Crow’s Ash
50 Guioa semiglauca Guioa
100 Mallotus claoxyloides Smell of the Bush
20 Maytenus bilocularis Orangebark
20 Maytenus disperma Orange Bush
20 Maytenus silvestris Narrow-leaved Orange Bush
50 Notolaea longifolia Native olive
20 Olea paniculata Maulwood
50 Pittosporum multiflorum Orange Thorn
50 Rapanea variabilis Muttonwood
20 Rhodamnia argenta Silver Myrtle
50 Rhodamnia rubescens Scrub Turpentine
20 Rhodomyrtus psidioides native guava
20 Rhodosphaera rhodanthema Deep Yellowwood
50 Scolopia braunii Flint Wood
50 Streblus brunonianus Whalebone Tree
20 Vitex lignum-vitae Lignum-vitae
50 Syzygium leuhmannii
2000 Lomandra, local species