Taming The Turkey ( the “lets get along” method)


Rainforest Rescue needs your help to save the Cassowaries of Mission Beach in Far North Queensland. Their rainforest home has been devastated by Cyclone Yasi and they face starvation. Rainforest Rescue is helping to provide food for the Cassowaries and is restoring their rainforest habitat.

Cyclone Yasi has stripped the rainforest trees bare. Once the Cassowaries have eaten the fallen rainforest fruit, they will be forced to leave the forest in search of food. This could be disastrous for the already dwindling population.

In the aftermath of Cyclone Larry in 2006, a large number of Cassowaries were hit by vehicles or attacked by dogs once they left the forest. One-third of the Cassowary population died of starvation.

Please help to save this magnificent species. They are already threatened with extinction and it is estimated that only 1,000 remain in the wild.

Please donate now and help fund the food for these iconic rainforest birds. The food will be placed at remote feeding stations to ensure that the Cassowaries do not wander into town and get hit by cars.

We are also planting trees to provide essential Cassowary habitat and purchasing rainforest properties to ensure Cassowary habitat is protected.

Help feed the Cassowaries of Mission Beach in the aftermath of Cyclone Yasi. $25 will provide Cassowary food for one day and ensure the survival of this endangered species.

Rainforest Rescue is a local not-for-profit organisation committed to protecting rainforests forever. We create opportunities for individuals and businesses to support successful projects to protect and restore our rainforests

www.rainforestrescue.org.au – To make a tax deductible donation visit www.rainforestrescue.org.au or call 1300 763 611