Syngonium spp (ARACEAE) Arrowhead Vine, Goosefoot, Nephthytis

Weeds to Whack

Syngonium spp. or Arrowhead Vine, is a perennial vine native from Mexico to Panama. In the juvenile form, most of the leaves are sagittate (shaped like an arrowhead), to subhastate, to hastate (shaped like a spear head) in form. Leaves will reach up to 30 cm long by one-third as wide with up to 60 cm petioles. Leaves in the adult form are pedate (palmately compound). Plants will reach up to 4.5 m in length. Plants will usually bloom in the spring outdoors (white spathes about 10 cm long. Not very showy.) Propagated by cutting or by air layers.
This photo is probably Syngonium podophyllum. Photo: Robert Whyte 

Two species of Syngonium

Arrowhead Vine has been recorded as naturalised in the Enoggera catchment from specimens along Riaweena Street The Gap. It is also present in Walton Bridge Reserve. There are various species present. This photos shows Syngonium angustatum (bottom) and Syngonium neglectum (top).

Photo: Sheldon Navie