Stachytarpheta australis (VERBENACEA) White Snakeweed

Weeds to Whack

Known also as Porterweed, White Snakeweed is native to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America to Peru and Argentina. It is widely naturalised in North Queensland and north-western parts of the Northern Territory and occasionally naturalised in south-eastern Queensland where it is of particular concern, being one of the new and emerging invasive plant pests. White Snakeweed is an annual or perennial herb to 2 m tall, becoming somewhat woody towards the base. The leaf margins are serrate to crenate-serrate meaning like saw-teeth but somewhat rounded. Flowers are white, sometimes blue.
Photo: Craig W.

Photo Gallery

Leaves. Photo: Craig W.

Flowers on Flower Spike. Photo: Craig W.

Flowers on flower spike. Photo: Craig W.

Snake-like flower spike. Photo: Craig W.

Flowers Close-up. Photo: Craig W.


 Flowers on flower spike. Photo: Robert Whyte