• Return of pots and trays
  • Seed Collectors wanted
  • Saturday Roster
  • Power
  • Extension of Nursery Hours
  • Green Corp @ Nursery
  • Irrigation

With the rain (not enough but welcome) SOWN members are thinking of planting, and stock has been moving fast. But there’s plenty there, so please come in and get some for your site.

The hardworking volunteers at the nursery have done a magnificent job propagating and maintaining our plants. They have a few special requests for members… please help where you can…

Return of pots and trays

Members – PLEASE return pots and trays to nursery ASAP. A lot of stock has gone out lately with not many returns.

Seed Collectors wanted

If it’s ripe, pick it. You can tell a seed is ready to harvest when it’s falling off the plant, or just about to.

Germination rates of stored seed are down for this time of year, which may be from poor viability, picked too early, or some other mystery. We are seeking ripe seed of all species.

If people have difficulty IDing species please include a sample of the plant.

Particular seed of interest is all of the local grasses and Hardenbergia, but any seed is welcome. Hoveas and Hop Bushes are ready just about now.

Saturday Roster

We are DESPERATE for more volunteers to take on the Saturday morning role keeping the nusery open for members to pick up plants, the more people, the less frequently each person has to do it.


We are looking into (again) getting power on at the SOWN Nursery. We are looking at combining solar with a line In from the grid.

Extension of Nursery Hours

Did you know the nursery is now opening on Tuesdays? At he moment just from 8am – 10am, but hours will increase as this gets better known.

Green Corp @ Nursery

The Greencorp team work in the nursery on some days where the weather is not good for creek work.


The guys have been working of the existing irrigation to try and increase the pressure, by creating a closed loop. This has improved the general coverage although there are still some great blind spots which receive no water making daily visits when possible still needed. We will continue to monitor it. Having our own power and a separate line may be the only solution.