We are closing down the old BRAIN discussion list at Yahoo and moving to a better system at Google Groups. This will be an OPT IN group. That means you actually SUBSCRIBE to get posts. (Posts are infrequent and are relevant to general membership.)

Because in 2007 BRAIN merged with SOWN all members of SOWN are members of BRAIN. Being subscribed to the Discussion Group is very usefui for posting plant ID requests, and learning from each other about rainforest, bushcare, and nature generally. We also post events.

Therefore we urge you to go the BRAIN home page below and subscribe. You will be sent a confirmation email to complete the process. YOU WILL NOT BE SUBSCRIBED TO THIS GROUP BY ANYONE ELSE! It is completely voluntary.

We have 6 managers who have the power to ban nuisances and delete messages, not that we expect any.

Please click the link below and subscribe. It’s quick and easy and you can always unsubscribe whenever you want.

BRAIN web site – Subscribe to the discussion group – http://www.brisrain.org.au/