SOWN Nursery Supply Crisis


You will need your membership card and number to collect plants and borrow equipment.

The SOWN nursery has become a victim of its own success. Currently we cannot meet demand, this is despite producing record numbers of plants. The primary objective of SOWN is to produce plants for the Enoggera Catchment.

Recently, the SOWN committee commenced a project to find out where our plants were being planted and who was taking plants. The survey revealed more than 60% of our plants are being planted outside the catchment and more than half of the people taking plants are not members of SOWN! At the beginning of September, the Nursery purchased over $2500 of plants, most of these plants were taken on the first Saturday morning after purchase. SOWN cannot afford to supplement supply in this manner.

It is clear that a significant number of non-members are taking advantage of SOWN’s generosity and making no contribution to SOWN. SOWN needs to implement a degree of control over who takes plants from the nursery.

As a first action plants will only be made available to current financial members, who must present their membership card and member number to take plants or borrow equipment.

Financial members can collect their cards at the nursery with suitable identification

I realise that some members will not be happy to identify themselves when collecting plants as it is contrary to the casual atmosphere that has always existed and been fostered at the nursery. Unfortunately, we have to take immediate action so that we can control plant stocks and make plants and equipment available for plantings in the Enoggera catchment.

Please be patient with nursery volunteers as many are relatively new members following committee instructions. These measures are being implemented to ensure the supply of plants to the Enoggera catchment.

It is our intention not to place restrictions on our current membership. In the near future we will be limiting membership outside the catchment and restricting the number of free plants going to sites outside the Enoggera catchment. This will require a setting up a real time membership database that can track who is taking plants and where they are being planted.

Our relationship with the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre (AGCC) requires SOWN to distribute plants to catchments outside the Enoggera Catchment, but as supply is not meeting demand we will have to place some restrictions on this activity.

This action is aimed at non-members taking advantage of our generosity, not at our members and we hope that our members will consider our position when faced with this inconvenience.

Leo Lee
Mobile 0409 536 533