SOWN inventory


Please return all tools and equipment

SOWN is currently conducting an inventory of all our assets for insurance purposes. It is important that we account for all SOWN property and its condition. If you have borrowed any tools or items from SOWN could you please return them to the nursery ASAP. If you are unable to return these items at this time for any reason could you please advise the nursery that you have them in your possession.

Please note that should you borrow equipment from the nursery, it is a necessary condition that this be noted in the equipment book.

The nursery is happy to lend items for bush restoration and we would like to continue this practice with a minimum of restrictions. There are occasions when we have multiple requests for the same item and often we are unable to answer question as to the availability of items. This is usually because the item has been borrowed but not entered in the equipment book. There may come a day when you would like to borrow equipment but we cannot tell you when it will be available. For your sake, please help keep our records up to date and we will not have to disappoint you by not being able to tell you when you can borrow an item that is on loan.