Please return any SOWN wire trays

Hello SOWN members

We need your help. The SOWN nursery has run out of wire tube trays!

SOWN owns about 400 wire trays that members take plants away in and we need them back as soon as possible. These trays are essential to the running of the nursery.

Please check if you have wire trays that you have not returned and drop any back to the nursery on this Saturday morning or over the weekend. If the nursery is not open, just leave the trays beside the gate.

Thanks in anticipation, John

John Abbott
President of SOWN

Do some planting on National Tree Day

This Sunday is National Tree Day so please get out and plant a tree in your backyard or along the creek.

SOWN has a planting and community event at Hilder Road State School, The Gap, on Sunday morning. So please come along. See more details on our website.