SOWN at Jonty’s EcoForum


It was great for SOWN to be part of the 2022 EcoForum organised by State MP for Cooper Jonty Bush.

We made connections with other local community groups and enjoyed the opportunity to educate people on the different weeds we encounter and how to deal with them.

It was also a chance to show off some of the plants that we’ve found to have flourished in the damp conditions of the last year.

If you want to be a SOWN member, its easy to join.

You not only access our nursery for free plants but you’ve also got our equipment store and a huge depth of knowledge at your disposal.

Thanks to SOWN’s volunteers who staffed the display – Ed Bennett, Di Glynn, Janet Mangan, Vicki Shuley and Dean Wyatt.

SOWN volunteers Dean Wyatt, Janet Mangan and Vicki Shuley