Herbacious plant with hollow stems that exude a white sap if broken.

Leaves are bluish-green in colour with irregularly toothed margins. Leaves at the base of the plant are bigger than those higher up. Leaf bases are extended to clasp the stem.

Photo: Robert Whyte


Flowers and foliage

Flower-heads are bright yellow in small clusters at the tips of the upright stems throughout most of the year.

Photo: Mark Crocker

Flower closeup

This photograph was taken in the early morning in a suburban garden near Fish Creek, The Gap, using a Canon 300D with a 100mm macro lens.
Photo: Mark Crocker

Seed head puff ball

Seeds are narrow, ribbed lengthwise with a white silky tuft of hairs, resulting in a characteristic puff-ball flowerhead.
Photo: Mark Crocker