Sneak Preview of The creek in our backyard


10am Sunday 26 May

The new revised and expanded edition of The Creek in Our Backyard: a practical guide for habitat restoration by Robert Whyte will be launched on 9 June at the SOWN Environment Centre as part of SOWN’s ‘Weed Timber Expo’. To download, click the image at right.

In 2011, when SOWN first published “The creek in our backyard” for residents along Ithaca Creek, it was an instant success. The first 2000 copies were distributed within three months. Another 2000 copies were printed and snapped up in only two weeks. Copies went to Landcare groups around Queensland and communities began calling for more copies.

Now with Federal Government support, a new edition of The creek in our backyard has been expanded to 60 pages and broadened to include all of South-East Queensland, including extensive plant lists for all creek zones, including aquatics. With support and advice from SEQ Catchments, the new edition is aligned to the South East Queensland Ecological Restoration Framework Project.

Here’s what people said about the first edition:

“For the first time in my life I feel I want to give it a go. The articles are inspiring, the advice clear and practical.”

“What a superb little booklet, well-written, beautifully laid out both visually and textually, flows right along like a good, gurgling, healthy creek.”

A challenge for eagle eyes

It’s looking as though our print run will be around 20,000 copies. This is serious, Mum! The more people looking at the book as it nears print-ready the better. Can you spot an error, omission, boo boo, questionable paragraph, misplaced word, wrong plant name? Please let us know. We look forward to seeing you at the launch on 9 June where you can pick up your free copies.