Sida cordifolia (MALVACEAE) Flannel Weed

Weeds to Whack

A perennial herb or sub-shrub with erect, branching stems growing up to 1 m tall widespread in warmer regions. Develops a robust branching taproot up to 1 m long. A weed of gardens, footpaths, parks and untended areas. Stems and leaves are densely covered in white soft hairs. Leaves are alternately arranged, leaf blades are broad or heart-shaped (cordate) and have a serrated margin. Flowers are often clustered in the leaf forks (axils) towards the tips of the stems. Yellow to pale orange petals. Flowering occurs throughout most of the year. The fruit are dark brown capsules. Can be confused with common sida Sida rhombifolia and prickly malvastrum Malvastrum coromandelianum. Not noxious in Queensland, however it is declared noxious in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.
Photo: Robert Whyte