Shealagh Walker
Day 2: Sunday 7 November 2010 | Workshop 3 – 9.00-10.00am


Find out the basics of transforming a patch of bare ground into a beautiful, low maintenance and sustainable ‘Dry’ Rainforest garden with little to no watering and no pesticides. There are also some ‘Wet’ Rainforest plant species that will flourish and give you pleasure. You will have the added bonus of being visited by colourful birds and beautiful butterflies. All this, using local plant species suited to Brisbane’s climate and soils. Find out which nurseries supply rainforest plants in the Brisbane area.

Presenter Shealagh Walker is a Landscape Architect with a particular interest in using local dry and wet rainforest plant species across a broad spectrum of outdoor areas: home and commercial gardens, streets and parks. In order to be sustainable and low maintenance, especially in Brisbane’s erratic drought and flood cycle, most of the recommended plant species come from Dry Rainforest areas.