Senna acclinis (CAESALPINACEAE) Edge Senna

Plants to Plant

Shrub to 3 m tall with compound leaves to 15 cm long, each with up to 6 pairs of oval-shaped leaflets at about 15 mm intervals along the central spine. Found in coastal districts and adjacent tablelands of NSW from the Illawarra in NSW to Queensland, in or on the edges of subtropical and dry rainforest. Endangered In NSW. Flowers in groups of two to five on a short stalk, bright golden yellow and cup-shaped. Seed pod long and narrow, to 15 cm long, more or less flat. Easily mistaken for introduced Senna Easter Cassia.

Photo: Robert Whyte


A special plant because not only do two species of butterflies breed on it, the Small Grass-yellow Eurema Smilax and the Yellow Migrant Catopsilia Gorgophone it is also very bee friendly.

Photo: Robert Whyte