Seed collecting – new targeted approach


Enoggera Creek – Eucalypt Forest species

SOWN Nursery is starting a new targeted approach to propagation so we have the most important species in stock for members to plant.

That means we need to start with seed collecting.

The plants in the list below are very common in Eucalypt Forests surrounding The Gap.

So get out in this beautiful winter weather and start collecting.


Angophora leiocarpa Smooth Apple
Corymbia intermedia Pink Bloodwood
Corymbia variegata Spotted Gum
Eucalyptus carnea Broad-leaved White Mahogany
Eucalyptus microcorys Tallowwood
Eucalyptus propinqua Grey Gum
Eucalyptus siderophloia Grey Ironbark
Lophostemon confertus Brush Box


Acacia falcata Sickle-leaf Wattle
Acacia fimbriata Brisbane Wattle
Acacia leiocalyx Red-stemmed Black Wattle
Acacia maidenii Maiden’s Wattle
Acacia penninervis Mountain Hickory
Acrotriche aggregata Red Ground Berry
Allocasuarina torulosa Forest oak
Alphitonia excelsa Red Ash
Jacksonia scoparia Dogwood
Pimelea linifolia Rice Flower
Pultenea villosa Hairy Bush Pea
Wikstroemia indica Boot Tie Bush


Eustrephus latifolius Wombat Berry
Geitenoplesium cymosum Scrambling Lily
Hardenbergia violacea Hardenbergia
Smilax australis Austral Sarsaparilla
Stephania japonica Tape Vine

Ground layer – grasses

Arundinella nepalensis Reed Grass
Cymbopogon refractus Barb-wire Grass
Entolasia stricta Wiry Panic
Themeda triandra Kangaroo Grass

Ground layer – clumping plants

Dianella longifolia
Dianella brevipedunculata
Lepidosperma laterale Variable Sword Sedge
Lomandra multiflora Many-flowered Mat Rush

Ground layer – ferns

Doodia aspera Rasp Fern

Enoggera species – eucalypt forest

Eucalyptus propinqua Grey Gum
We want to grow more of these babies.