An erect annual herb to 50 cm with serrated leaves and small, white flowers from Tropical America. Used medicinally.

Scoparia dulcis is a much branched, glabrous, leafy annual or under shrub with erect or ascending branches.

Leaves opposite and 3-notely whorled, rhomboid, elliptic or elliptic lanceolate, obtuse at apex, base tapering, margins serrate.

Flowers in terminal panicles, pedicelate, pedicels slender, rigid; Calyx lobes 4, oblong; Corolla white, tube very short.

Capsule globose; seeds minute, many.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Leaves closeup

Other common names include Vassourinha, ñuñco pichana, anisillo, bitterbroom, boroemia, broomweed, brum sirpi, escobilla, mastuerzo, piqui pichana, pottipooli, sweet broom, tapixava, tupixaba, licorice weed.

Photo: Robert Whyte