Scoparia dulcis (SCROPHULARIACEAE) Sweet Broom, Licorice Weed

Weeds to Whack

An erect annual herb to 50 cm with serrated leaves and small, white flowers from Tropical America. Used medicinally. Scoparia dulcis is a much branched, glabrous, leafy annual or under shrub with erect or ascending branches. Leaves opposite and 3-notely whorled, rhomboid, elliptic or elliptic lanceolate, obtuse at apex, base tapering, margins serrate. Flowers in terminal panicles, pedicelate, pedicels slender, rigid; Calyx lobes 4, oblong; Corolla white, tube very short. Capsule globose; seeds minute, many.
Photo: Robert Whyte

Leaves Close-up

 Other common names include Vassourinha, Nuñco Pichana, Anisillo, Bitterbroom, Boroemia, Broomweed, Brum Ssirpi, Escobilla, Mastuerzo, Piqui Pichana, Pottipooli, Sweet Broom, Tapixava, Tupixaba, Licorice Weed.

Photo: Robert Whyte