Group convenor: Courtney Damon

The Royal Parade Bushcare Group works on the north bank of Enoggera Creek, adjacent to Royal Parade, downstream of the Gresham Street Bridge at St Johns Wood.

For more information, phone Courtney on 0449 037 869 or email Royal Parade Bushcare Group. Also check out the Royal Parade Bushcare Facebook page.



In 2001 Philip Squire and his partner, Linda Back, decided to restore a section of Enoggera Creek at Royal Parade, St Johns Wood. Their plan was to clean up a stretch of creek on the western bank from the weir near the St John’s Wood Scout Hall to about 150 metres downstream.

They started in an area at the top of the bank which was solid with balloon vine Cardiospermum grandiflorum, Madeira vine Anredera cordifolia and glycine Neonotonia wightii, but also contained a number of small hoop pines Araucaria cunninghamii (plus one very large one) and some white cedar Melia azedarach saplings.

The bank below the weir was completely covered with Japanese sunflower Tithonia diversifolia and cane grass Pennisetum purpureum, which they sprayed with glyphosate. At the time the weir pool was almost non-existent, but subsequent floods scoured it out creating a ‘permanent’ water body, with catfish Tandanus tandanus nesting at times, and herons and ducks regular visitors.

Downstream from here there were reasonable numbers of natives trees – weeping lilly pilly Waterhousea floribunda, Callistemon, river oaks Casuarina cunninghamiana and black beans Castanospermum australe. Dozens of these trees were planted along the whole stretch, some of which are now 10-15 metres high creating a solid canopy. The site was also planted with Pararistolochia praevenosa vines as part of the Richmond Birdwing Recovery Network initiative.

Work on the site has decreased as it has become almost self-sustaining. Apart from some vines and grasses, the site has had very little weed invasion.