Robert Whyte keeps Ithaca Intact


Robert Whyte – determined to get Ithaca Intact!

With the exit of our Ithaca Intact coordinator Glenn Withers, Robert Whyte has stepped into the position and is keen to get amongst it.

Rob has been working with SOWN for years and is currently the Director.

He’s a naturalist with a keen interest in macrophotography of plants and animals as well as his involvement in SOWN TV productions.

As we draw closer to the funding report stage of the Ithaca Intact project we would really like to hear how the creek in your backyard is doing.

If you’ve been a part of Ithaca Intact it would be great if you could send us a short piece (100 – 200 words) about your location, activities you’ve been involved in, issues you’ve run into and your plans for the future maintenance of the creek.

Include as many photos as you can. A picture is worth a thousand words after all.

You can get it to us as an email or hard copy.

You can call the Ithaca Intact hotline on 0423 763 361 with any questions.