Rhynchosia minima (FABACEAE) Rhynchosia

Plants to Plant

Climbing or trailing herb; stems somewhat hairy and sparsely glandular, in a variety of habitats, mostly on heavy soils in grassland. A very variable species. Leaves 3-foliolate. Leaflets ovate to rhombic or circular, usually wider than long, lower surface gland-dotted; petiole 1-6 cm long; stipules about 2 mm long. Flowers in racemes 2-10 cm long, 2-15-flowered. Calyx 3-5 mm long, hairy. Corolla mostly 4-6 mm long, yellow often streaked with purple. Flowering time is spring to summer. Fruit a pod, oblong-falcate, around 13 mm long, 3-5 mm wide, with short, fine hairs. Said to be toxic to grazing cattle.
Photo: Robert Whyte

Close-up Showing Stipules

Many of the Fabaceae are trifoliolate climbers, and many of them have stipules. This Rynchosia was found on the Maculata Track, Mount Coot-tha in April 2007 in a severe drought.
Photo: Robert Whyte