Raspberry Jam


Rubis Probus (Native Raspberry) is a local species we are experimenting with in our attempts to regenerate small bird habitat. It can be quite aggressive in a planting, so we curb its excesses with a light trim and judicious collecting of ripe fruit.

We have some heavily cropping native raspberries in Walton Bridge Reserve. So far we haven’t seen the local birds feasting on them in great numbers, but we are keeping an eye out.

The Native Rasberry is an Enoggera local. It is also cousin to the European Raspberry and similar in taste and nutrition. It makes a good bush tucker and a brilliant jam.

Native Raspberry Jam

1.3 kg raspberries
1 kg sugar
juice of half a lemon

Wash the raspberries lightly if you need to. Warm the sugar in a low oven for 10 minutes. Place the berries in a heavy-based pot. No water is needed. Cook for a few minutes until very soft. Mash the the berries with a potato masher. Stir through warmed sugar, add lemon juice and cook for about 20 minutes until the jam is glossy and has reached setting stage. Seal in sterilised jars.