Rainforest Planting, Banks Street Reserve this Sunday

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This is our big SOWN/BRAIN planting event for the first half of 2008. We hope to plant 2000 trees on the day!

What! That’s insane! (we hear you say).

Not at all. Habitat Brisbane have prepared the ground, mulched, and dug holes. And we have letterboxed all the suburbs around Banks Street Reserve. It’s part of the 02 project for a million trees.

Habitat Brisbane will be on hand to help, with watering trucks, and we are expecting a big roll out.

If you only go to one planting event this year, make it this one. It starts at 9am, enter via Quandong St, Ashgrove.

This is special plea to experienced SOWN and BRAIN members to come along. There will be plenty of kids and novices who’ll need a helping hand.

If you can come, please use the email link (right hand column) to let us know, so we can cater the event with enough sausages and vegie burgers for the customary sizzle.

Full event details below.

BRAIN Rainforest Tree Planting 20 April – The purpose of the planting is to restore parts of Banks Street Reserve to the original “dry rainforest” that originally occurred along the banks of Enoggera Creek.