Rainforest Climbing Plants – Special Offer

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Special offer $35 (RRP $40) out November 2007

A field guide to the identification of climbing plants in rainforest in Victoria, New South Wales and subtropical Queensland using vegetative features.

This book is the successor to Rainforest Climbing Plants (Williams & Harden, 1980, wiith later reprintings and additions), which was known by many as the ‘Green Book’.

This book has been completely rewritten, while keeping the essentials of the format of Rainforest Trees and Shrubs (Williams, Harden & McDonald 2006) using features of leaves and, in this case, climbing mechanisms. IIlustrated keys to groups and individual species are provided. Species are subgrouped within groups with species that have similar climbing mechanisms and leaf characteristics.

It has been extended to include subtropical Queensland and Victoria, and brought up to date with the inclusion of many additional native and weedy species. The species descriptions are comprehensive and include information on habit, rainforest type in which the species occurs, the geographic range and description of leaves, flowers and fruit. All species are illustrated.

Includes descriptions of 265 species (an increase of 125 from the ‘Green Book’), each with leaf and fruit drawings.

The scope of this edition has been broadened to include:

  • Rainforests of mainland eastern Australia south of the tropics, i.e. from Rockhampton to southern Victoria
  • Species in vine thickets, the drier inland extensions of rainforests
  • More marginal and weedy species
  • Dichotomous keys to Groups and to all species