QCC children’s art and illustrated story competition


The Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) is running a children’s art and illustrated story competition called Saving Wild Homes in support of expanding the area of national parks in Queensland. The competition is open to all Queensland children under the age of 13. Entries close on 15 October 2021.

National parks are really important to develop a connection with and grow our love of nature. We all have vivid memories of time spent in nature as children, which continue to inspire us to stand up for its protection today. Children, and the stories and artwork they share about nature, have a special way of appealing to the heart, to show why saving wild homes is so important.

Currently Queensland has about 8% of the area in Queensland set aside as national parks which is approximately half the area of many of the other states. In 2016, the Queensland government pledged to expand the area of national parks but unfortunately, very little progress has been made.

This children’s art competition is an opportunity for children and their families to share their appreciation for wildlife as well as to go into the running of winning some great prizes including the chance to win a night’s accommodation for the whole family near a national park, so they can further enjoy Queensland’s unique plants and animals.

For more information go to the QCC web site.