Psychotria daphnoides (RUBIACEAE) Smooth Psychotria, Turkey Bush

Plants to Plant

Attractive, open shrub with narrow glossy leaves and small white flowers in spring and summer and edible translucent white fruit, though there is not much sustenance to each one. This can be an attractive, compact garden shrub, where it grows lushly if well looked after. Can tolerate full to filtered sun in moist, well drained soil; seems to suffer in extended dry but may recover.

Photo: Robert Whyte

Fruit Close-up

Psychotria from Greek psychotrophus sustaining life, in reference to the many medicinal uses of the species; daphnoides from the Greek daphn-eids, like the spurge-laurel, Daphne laureola, because of the similarity of the leaves. This photo was taken by Mark Crocker late one Saturday afternoon in Walton Bridge Reserve, The Gap, using a Canon 400D with 100mm macro.
Photo: Mark Crocker