Proiphys cunninghamii (AMARYLLIDACEAE) Brisbane Lily

Plants to Plant

Proiphys cunninghamii is a herb in one of the Lily families (it was previously in Liliaceae) found in lightly shaded conditions in rainforest and rainforest margins. It has attractive flowers and dark green heart-shaped leaves on long upright stems.

Photo: Robert Whyte


Flower an umbel of 5 to 12 white flowers held on long fleshy stems arising out of the centre of the plant in summer. Fruit green turning orange when ripe; about 2 cm in diameter late summer. This plant is well worth cultivating in the Enoggera catchment. It has been seen in quite harsh spots in dry rainforest and is shade tolerant. Leaves will disappear in hard times but will return with warm wet conditions. Will regenerate after a fire. Propagation is easy from fresh seed. Clumps of this lily will increase naturally given the right conditions.
Photo: Mark Crocker