President’s update


re: meeting Monday 19 Jan 2015

A very vigorous and forthright discussion was held between the Ashgrove Men’s Shed(AMS), Geraldine Knapp, TGNN represented by Neil Murphy and Kay Schafer and SOWN represented by myself (L Lee) and Di Glyn. It was an attempt to establish the future rolls and location of facilities for the three groups concerned.

As President of SOWN I stated categorically that the placement of AMS within the grounds of the nursery was not acceptable. This reflects the position of the meeting last Wednesday Night.

The AMS is an organisation that provides a very important service to the community and this is recognised by SOWN. They deserve facilities suitable to their charter.

The council is determined to place AMS in the cottage and provide them with a lease to that building. The lease will allow for the provision of the front room to be an office for TGNN.

The position of the shed is subject to further negotiation. There has been a significant development in this area and it is being further investigated by Councillor Knapp. I am hopeful that it may lead to a better outcome for all groups.

The discussions were at times heated and wide ranging, with all participants making a contribution. I have asked the AMS president to contact me personally, so that we could have a discussion and try to clarify some of the misunderstandings that currently exist.

I believe that there are still a lot of negotiations to take place, and it is good to have a PLAN B but we are a long way from implementing any alternate plans.