Pleasantly aromatic, soft, semi-succulent, perennial herb to around 25 cm, native of south-east Africa. Weed risk medium, emerging.

Branches prostrate to ascending, rooting at nodes, more or less hairless to shortly and minutely hairy; hairs antrorse, multicelled, usually with red sessile glands.

Leaves ovate to circular, apex acute to rounded; base truncate to cuneate; margins crenate-toothed to shallowly crenate, with 3-6 pairs of teeth; thin-textured, both surfaces hairless to minutely hairy, more densely hairy on veins below.

Photo: Sheldon Navie


Flowers white to pale mauve with a few mauve spots on the upper lip or freely speckled with purple, throughout year.

Photo: Sheldon Navie