Plectranthus graveolens (LAMIACEAE) Native Coleus

Plants to Plant

A spreading, loosely branched, soft-wooded shrub to 1 m. Leaves to 10 cm are heart shaped, opposite, serrate, hairy and slightly sticky. Leaves are very aromatic when crushed. Flowers from spring to autumn. Flowers to 13 mm are purple blue in whorls on terminal spikes to 25 cm. Likes semi-shade and moist crevices and ledges such as under the benches at the SOWN nursery. Plectranthus is a genus of warm-climate plants, closely related to Solenostemon, sometimes known as the spurflowers. Several species are grown as ornamentals, as leaf vegetables, or as root vegetables for their edible tubers.

Photo: Melburnian