Platyzosteria sp. (BLATTIDAE) Native Cockroach

Cockroaches (Blattodea)

Museum Victoria says, “Body mostly black or dark brown, smooth and shiny. No wings. Legs spiny and antennae long. Body up to 5 cm long. Native Cockroaches are active at night, moving about on the ground. They can produce a smelly defensive fluid. They are not pests. Distribution – Mainland Australia and Tasmania. Habitat – In leaf litter or under wood.”
Photo: Robert Whyte


This cockroach appeared to be one of the wingless native cockroaches that scuttle around in leaf litter. It was observed at a working bee in Walton Bridge Reserve on Saturday 3 May 2008. We found several pictures online which seem to confirm Platyzosteria species, but nothing that could lock it down further than that.

Photo: Robert Whyte