Platyplectrum ornatum (HYLIDAE) Ornate Burrowing-frog


Length 40 – 45mm, a rotund and snub-nosed frog with smooth to slightly warty skin and protruding eyes. Highly variable coloration, grey-brown to reddish with complex dark and light blotched patterning. May have a light patch on the neck and a pale orange vertebral stripe. Abdomen white. Fingers not webbed and toes quarter webbed. The call is a resonant unk.

PHOTO: Queensland Frog Society


These frogs live in northern and eastern Australia. They are widespread in woodland and grasslands of the lowlands, burrows into sandy and alluvial soils, emerging to breed after rain. Spawn are laid on the surface of temporary water, in a pale foam mass.

PHOTO: Queensland Frog Society